The CHA RESERVE seductive shape is defined by the combination of it's slender neck and height which blend perfectly with broad defined shoulders and a beautiful tapered body.

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DOUGLAS 1000ml

Perfect for Premium Spirits our successful DOUGLAS bottle range is extended by the addition of a 1 Litre bottle to the existing 700ml and 750ml capacities.

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The Brd Medicea collection, appreciated by the market for it’s distinctive shoulder line in the French style and the harmonious proportions of the tapered body is completed with the Leggera version with a glass weight of 650g.

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BURN 500ml

The Burn bottle, dedicated to spirts, combines the purity of design co-existing with the functionality of the bottle. The collection is completed with a 500ml version added to the 700ml already existing.

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Aimed at an upscale market and further extended by the addition of a MAGNUM, the new BRG EXCLUSIVE is appreciated for the harmony of the profile drawn from the soft shoulder and full-body, which offers a wide label surface. 

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With geometric design and a conical body: The Colette collection has the essential elements to enhance the quality of the best spirits.

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Discover our new spot “The Story Keeper”

This story is special and unique.

It is the story of a life path which, like every life path, changes, grows and evolves.

A story where the environment and time, light and imagination, love and perhaps fate, passion and family become poetry.

This is the story of Vetreria Etrusca.

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