Creativity is at the base of our containers

Creative sensitivity, research and development of new proposals are an essential part of our corporate philosophy. Vetreria Etrusca’s secret of success lies in its great ability to anticipate the market trends and keep up to date with the changes in the aesthetic parameters suggested by the market, designing products tailored to the customers’ requirements that enhance and communicate the quality of the contents.


Vetreria Etrusca is skilled at making bottles and jars to the customer’s original design, even in small quantities, with exclusive and unique shapes, for presenting and best conserving the product. Models already in the catalogue can also be personalised with the application of a brand on the shoulder, body, base or neck of the container. The creation of a personalised container first requires an accurate definition of its characteristics, from the shape, to the colour and the type of neck finish. Based on these design elements we move on to the industrial feasibility study and then to the quotation which is always tailored to the customer’s requirements.



Sensitivity, cutting-edge techniques, great expertise, constant innovation of the production processes and ongoing monitoring of the current market trends, allow Vetreria Etrusca to assist its customers through all the preliminary study, design and creation stages, also with packaging solutions aimed at valorising their products and meeting the most diverse packaging demands. The range of Vetreria Etrusca items covers all the sectors of the food market: bottles for olive oil, vinegar, sparkling wines, beer and spirits, and jars for jams, pickles in oil and vinegar, and foodstuffs in general.

Design & Prototype

Based on the choice of personalisation of the glass container, Vetreria Etrusca produces a technical drawing for approval by the customer. If necessary, and on request, it is also possible to make a prototype of the glass container.

Sampling & Production

After approval of the technical drawing or prototype of the container, Vetreria Etrusca, in agreement with the customer, can create a pilot mould for an initial sample range of approximately thirty pieces, for final evaluation of the project. Once the sample has been approved, the series of moulds necessary for the production are completed.


EXTRA white flint - half green  - VERDETRUSCO®

Vetreria Etrusca produces a wide range of containers and jars for food, with more than 1,000 items that come in various capacities and in three colours: Extra white flint, Half green, Verdetrusco®.


Compared to the greens produced by other factories, Verdetrusco® glass, which is distinguished by a darker tone of green, offers more effective protection from harmful rays.

In fact, Verdetrusco® guarantees 99.9% protection from UV rays that can interact with and alter foodstuffs.

This is the result of the test conducted by the Stazione Sperimentale del Vetro (Experimental Glass Station) on the filtering power of Verdetrusco® compared with other types of coloured glass.

The greater weight of the container also means a bottle with thicker glass which further increases the ability to block out harmful rays.


Download test on the filtering power of Verdetrusco®



 Talking about glass means talking about colour, recycling, tradition and sustainability.

 Glass is the best example of circular economy, as it is 100% recyclable and by recycling; it is possible to produce new containers with identical characteristics to the original an infinite number of times.

 In Mezzobianco glass produced by Vetreria Etrusca, sustainability and Tuscan tradition coexist:

 The eco-friendly choice with a high percentage of recycled glass, Mezzobianco is particularly appreciated in the distillery sector for the harmony of the colour and the soft hue, which recalls the origins of Vetreria Etrusca and the production of artistic glass in the traditional green colour of Empoli.