This story is special and unique.

It is the story of a life path which, like every life path, changes, grows and evolves.

A story where the environment and time, light and imagination, love and perhaps fate, passion and family become poetry.

This is the story of Vetreria Etrusca.


With this spot we want to tell Vetreria Etrusca’s story from a different point of view. This is not only a company that has been producing glass containers since 1920 but which is also the guardian of all the stories that are enclosed in those containers.

90” to recount a life path.

A life path that runs parallel to the growth of the company which started out producing flasks and is now manufacturing unique, customized bottles that are exported worldwide.

A series of events which, one after the other, tell us a story made of goals, discoveries and important moments which, as such, are a vivid and treasured memory.

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