Product characteristics

Specifications listed are to satisfy client needs to the utmost.

schema bottiglia

In addition to the neck finishes which are offered on our standard range of bottles and jars it is possible to produce special finishes for for personalised containers.

  • screw cap
    screw cap
  • cork finish
    cork finish
  • mechanical closure
    mechanical closure
  • twist-off
  • cork finish
    cork finish
  • mechanical closureo
    mechanical closure
  • Extra White
    Extra White
  • Half-White
  • Bottiglia Verdetrusco®

In addition to our traditional colours of Extra White Flint and Half-White, Vetreria Etrusca produces bottles in Verdetrusco®, ideal to product your product from light and to help maintain the product in the correct state. As an environmentally responsible company Vetreria Etrusca uses recycled glass in our production. The production of our three colours is carried out in campaigns which are run to an industrial plan.


All our containers are specified with a capacity which has been measured using distilled water at room temperature, (20 °C). The capacities are “filling level” for bottles and “brimful capacity” for jars with a “twist-off” finish.


How to read a bottle

How to read a jar