Discover our new spot “The Story Keeper”

This story is special and unique.

It is the story of a life path which, like every life path, changes, grows and evolves.

A story where the environment and time, light and imagination, love and perhaps fate, passion and family become poetry.

This is the story of Vetreria Etrusca.

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ICE 700ml

The Ice bottle range popular for its simple and functional design now includes a 700ml capacity.

Graceful design of neck, shoulder and a cylindrical body combine to offer a large labelling surface.

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The new MORANDI DOP range is a blend of tradition with design.

The classic Morandian form had been adapted for the Oil sector, and takes inspiration from the Orcio shaped jars used to preserve the aromas of freshly crushed olives.

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With its geometric and tapered body design: the COLETTE DOP collection sets new standards for simplicity to enhance the quality of extra virgin olive oils.

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