Glass, an unlimited resource.

There are infinite possibilities to create shapes, sizes, personalisation with glass.
Its creative potential equals its unlimited reuse possibilities, with no damage to the environment surrounding us


Vetreria Etrusca is an industrial concern that has been manufacturing glass containers fully created, designed and made in Italy for over 60 years.

Vetreria Etrusca is leader in the production of special containers, with great creative sensitivity and ongoing research into the best technical solutions to satisfy multiple market needs, from creating original design products to the personalisation of lines in its catalogue.

All Vetreria Etrusca products come in three colours: Extra White Flint, Half-white and Verdetrusco to contain and conserve the excellence of high quality products.

Vetreria Etrusca is a socially aware manufacturer: respecting the environment, eco-compatibility and safe production processes have long been a fundamental strategic choice. Prestigious TÜV certification has confirmed this choice, confirming how Vetreria Etrusca means to provide greater workplace safety for its employees and collaborators, guaranteeing high quality standards, with a direct impact on client and end consumer satisfaction.